Timely Gifts

Since my accident almost seven weeks ago, I’ve hit quite the rough patch. Life went from steady, smooth sailing to a bumpy, out of control roller coaster ride. 

I’m familiar with this type of turn of events, but it still caught me off guard. 

To make matters worse, my therapist told me she had to move away, and my heart broke. I have two solid, consistent, unbiased anchors: my therapist and my dietitian. With one half of my team moving away, I found myself back to the usual commiserating inside my head: “what’s the point?” “I’ll never get better.” “I’m tired of fighting, just to fall back down again.”

Just when it felt that I really needed a sign from above that I can do this, a package came for me and my brother. It was intended for Easter, but my German Granparents follow an odd schedule, so we just received it. 

As I opened it, I expected the usual odd, miscellaneous trinkets that my Oma has a tendency to collect as she travels the world. 

Instead, I found a small card explaining Project Semicolon. I am very familiar with the nonprofit, and have been heartbroken since the founder, who had been a huge inspiration to me took her own life recently. 

For those of you who are not familiar with project semicolon, it is a nonprofit combatting mental illness, suicide, depression, self harm, and addiction. It garners its name from the simple punctuation: “a semicolon signifies a place where an author could choose to end a sentence, but instead chooses to continue it. The author is you, and the sentence is your life.”

Within the box, under the card was a small, climbing rope bracelet in varied shades of green (my favorite color), threaded through a small piece of leather branded with a semicolon. 

I felt my heart fill with warmth, surely this is the sign I have been waiting for. The reminder that life is worth living and that I can do this

So many beautiful, miraculous things occur on a daily basis, and rarely do we take the time to marvel at them. 

So join me today, and marvel at the little things that make a difference. 


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