Being a Mental Health Advocate Doesn’t Mean You Never Struggle

I’m proud to call myself a mental health advocate. I speak out often about the possibilities that hard work and good faith in your treatment team can bring. 

So many people have told me that they have been inspired by me sharing how I’ve overcome my struggles. When I hear that, I am truly touched. It means more to me than many will ever know. With that said, I want people to realize that I’m not perfect. 

Just because I’m standing on the other side, doesn’t mean I never struggle. It just means my good days outweigh my bad, and I find myself able to cope with the bad without resorting to self destructive behaviors. 

I wrote this article hoping to inspire others into realizing that perfection is not the goal! If it is your goal, you will never break free because the beautiful things in life are often found in what others view as flawed. 
I hope you enjoy, thanks for reading!

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